pROGRAM start dates

Individuals must meet the following eligibility criteria established by Government of Alberta before being accepting into the Self Employment training program:

- Be 18 years of age or older
- Be a permanent resident (landed or Canadian citizen) and legally entitled to work in Canada.
- Be unemployed (not working or only working sporadically).

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: if you are employed now, DO NOT quit your job before talking to us. Quitting a job without prior consultation WILL adversely affect your eligibility for this and other government-funded programs or benefits.

- Be ready, willing and able to start the business.
- Have a viable business idea for starting a new business or taking over an existing business that will operate in Alberta, where the applicant has not had prior ownership.
- Have sufficient cash or capital, or access to cash or capital, to start the business.
- Demonstrate a need for entrepreneurial training in order to set up and operate a business.
- Have operational control of the business (51% or greater).
- If receiving EI benefits, they must be Regular benefits (i.e., not Medical, Maternity or Paternity).

Prior to being accepted into the program, individuals are invited to attend a FREE orientation session where they are provided with an in-depth overview of the program, our history and what is required of them.

Following the orientation session, interested individuals will be given an application form to complete and attend a one-on-one interview with a member of the Program Management Team.

If you have any questions about eligibility or the program generally or would like to attend a free orientation session, click on the button below.

We look forward to working with you as you develop and grow your new business!

This schedule is subject to change. Contact us to confirm dates as they draw near. Classes are scheduled to start on:

     May 22, 2017

     July 24, 2017

     September 25, 2017

     November 27, 2017

The Self Employment training program is fully-funded by the Government of Alberta and is designed for individuals who have never owned a business before and are committed to starting their own business now. There is NO COST to the individuals attending the program.

The program features ten weeks of full-time classroom instruction followed by sixteen weeks of coaching, group meetings, and one-on-one support as participants develop their businesses.

The classroom instruction is conducted by experienced entrepreneurs and is supplemented by a variety of guest speakers who are experts in areas that relate to small business operations.

During the coaching phase of the program, participants begin the process of setting up and actually operating their businesses and serving clients.

Our classes are interactive; our content practical. We consider our program to be the entrepreneur “boot camp.” Although a lot of material is covered during the in-class phase of the program, smaller class sizes enable us to give individualized attention while balancing group discussions. Members of our “A” team are all entrepreneurs who have either gone through the Self Employment program or owned/operated their own business. This means participants learn from individuals who have first-hand knowledge about entrepreneurship and business start-up.