pROGRAM start dates - 2017

You must meet the following eligibility criteria set out by the Government of Alberta before you can join the Self Employment training program:

- Be 18 years of age or older
- Be a permanent resident (landed or Canadian citizen) and legally entitled to work in Canada.
- Be unemployed (not working or only working sporadically).

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: if you are employed now, DO NOT quit your job before talking to us. Quitting a job without prior consultation WILL adversely affect your eligibility for this and other government-funded programs or benefits.

- Be ready, willing and able to start the business.
- Have a viable business idea for starting a new business or taking over an existing business that will operate in Alberta, where the applicant has not had prior ownership.
- Have sufficient cash or capital, or access to cash or capital, to start the business.
- Demonstrate a need for entrepreneurial training in order to set up and operate a business.
- Have operational control of the business (51% or greater).
- If receiving EI benefits, they must be Regular benefits (i.e., not Medical, Maternity or Paternity).

Prior to being accepted into the program, you're invited to attend a FREE orientation session where you'll get an in-depth overview of the training, the team, our experience, and the government supports available.

If you decide to apply, the entire process will be completed at our west-end location. There is no need to go to government offices for forms or interviews.

This schedule is subject to change. Contact us to confirm dates as they draw near. Sessions are scheduled to start on:

     September 25, 2017

     November 27, 2017

This program is fully funded by the Government of Alberta for people who are unemployed, have never owned a business before, and are committed to starting their own business right now. There is NO COST for you to attend this program.

The program features 10 weeks of classroom training followed by 16 weeks of coaching and support as you get your business up and running.

The classroom training is taught by experienced entrepreneurs and guest speakers who are experts in small business operations. The topics covered give you a solid foundation of knowledge to start your business.

During the coaching phase, you'll begin the process of setting up and operating your business and serving your customers with the guidance of a mentor.

This is the entrepreneur boot camp! The content is practical. The pace is serious. The guidance is tailored to you. The trainers have been "in the trenches" and they know what works in the real world. Although a lot of material is covered, smaller class sizes mean you get individualized attention and time to get your questions answered as you take the first cautious steps in your new business.

​Entrepreneurship can seem uncertain and scary. But a mentor once said, "life's greatest risk is depending on others for your security." Why work hard building someone else's dream when you could get laid off without warning? Why trade your time for a paycheque when you could be building something that offers you long-term security - something that could be sold or handed down to your children someday?

Use the support of others who have built and continue to run successful businesses. Find your passion and reach out for it. In the end, the one thing much scarier than a stumble is looking back thinking, "if only I had ...."

If there's a part of you thinking "maybe I could do this - maybe it's my time," get the information BEFORE you make a decision. See if this program could impact your life like it has impacted over 1300 others before you. Click on the button below and come to a free orientation session.