Business Transferable Skills:

Understanding Quotas, Targets & Budgets - 5 hours
Calculating Prices, Estimates & Quotes - 5 hours
Microsoft Office Hands-on - 20 hours
Creative Problem-Solving - 5 hours
Systems Thinking – Decision-Making - 5 hours
Dreams to Action – Prioritizing for Success - 2 hours
Effective Workplace Communication - 10 hours
D.I.S.C. Communication Styles, Networking - 5 hours
Skillful Collaboration - 5 hours
Team Excellence - 5 hours
Meeting Management - 5 hours
Lifelong Learning - 3 hours

Job Search Skills:
Creating a Career Vision - 5 hours
Employer Search/Research - 5 hours
Resume Writing - 5 hours
Interview Techniques - 5 hours
Work Experience Practicum Interviews - 5 hours

What's the benefit to the employer?

As a practicum host, in exchange for providing a mentored learning environment for the student recruited by ACTI and approved by you, you receive his/her productive efforts and you get the chance to evaluate performance over a 6-week period to determine if he/she is a good fit for any near-term or immediate job vacancies. If a job offer is made and accepted, you have a new hire who is highly-trained and already oriented to the company, its offerings, and its systems.

As well, if you've identified an unemployed individual to add to your sales team but he/she is lacking in some of the skills you want to see in a new hire, consider sending him/her to apply to the program! After the classroom phase he/she will still continue in the practicum phase but it can be concurrent with paid employment as a new highly-trained member of your team.

How can an employer participate?

Funding decisions for this program will be made in April and the likelihood of approval is greatly improved by expressions of interest from local employers. Again, there is NO COST to employers or students to participate in this program. NO commitment or promise of employment is required. The government simply wants to know that 1) employers believe there is demand for this occupation and a need for more trained applicants, 2) employers have viewed the training outline (shown on this page) and consider it and the program length (16 weeks) to be well-designed (provides a solid foundation of skills for a new hire), 3) employers would consider offering a paid or unpaid work experience “practicum” to a student subject to meeting and approving the individual, and 4) employers would seriously consider program graduates in future hiring decisions.

An expression of interest template can be downloaded by clicking
here. The team at ACTI would greatly appreciate your show of support for this program by providing an expression of interest on your company letterhead using the template provided.

If sending a scan (PDF) by email, please send it to our Program Manager at If mailing a hard copy, please mail it to us at 10604-172 Street, Edmonton, AB, T5S1H8. If you have any questions, please call us at 780-944-0909 and ask for Dart.

Thank you for your support of this program. We look forward to working with you!

Member of:

Have you had difficulty finding qualified applicants to hire as Wholesale (B2B)

Sales Reps?

Do you spend too much time and money training new hires in the basics of

B2B selling?

Let Anderson Career Training Institute (ACTI) do the training for you AT NO COST TO YOU through a government-funded

training program.

ACTI is proposing to the Government of Alberta to offer a full-time 16-week training program preparing unemployed Albertans to work as Wholesale (B2B) Sales Representatives. This program, if approved, will be fully-funded by the Province. There is NO COST to participate either as a student or as an employer host.

ACTI has a successful 25-year track record training individuals in the Edmonton area. This includes training in sales, marketing, finance, law, business planning, and personal development. ACTI intends to use its proven experience, well-honed training materials, and professional trainers to offer a program specifically covering business-to-business sales!

The proposed B2B program includes 10 weeks of classroom training followed by a 6-week (paid or unpaid) work experience practicum.

The 10 weeks of classroom training will include:

   6 weeks of sales occupation specific skills,

   3 weeks of business transferable skills, and

   1 week of job search skills.

The classroom training will be given at our west-Edmonton location. All program administration will be handled by the team at ACTI.

Specifically, the classroom training will include:

1. Sales Occupation Specific Skills:
Introduction to the Program - 3 hours
Why Sales - 4 hours
Your Future as a Salesperson - 3 hours
Overcoming Call Reluctance - 5 hours
Time Management - 7 hours
Stress Management - 5 hours
Lead Generation - 5 hrs
Public Speaking - 6 hours
Setting Sales Goals - 5 hours
Technology for Salespeople - 5 hours
Social Media Selling - 5 hours
How to be a R.E.A.L. Success - 5 hours
The Sales Presentation - 20 hours
Emotional Intelligence - 3 hours
Workplace Wellness - 3 hours
Building Sales Habits - 3 hours
Presenting Solutions, Overcoming Objections - 5 hours
Remarkable Customer Service - 5 hours
Working a Trade Show - 5 hours
Mock Sales Presentations - 11 hours
Maximizing Your First 90 Days - 5 hours
Customer Service by Phone - 3 hours
Developing Customers for Life - 5 hours
Making Yourself Indispensable - 5 hours
Becoming a Person of Influence - 5 hours
Work Experience Practicum Orientations - 4 hours
Performance Coaching - 3 hours
Class Phase Wrap-up - 2 hours
Intention Equals Results - 5 hours