Through its founder, Paul Anderson, the company has evolved from its beginnings as Anderson Consulting Associates (a proprietorship - 1991) to Anderson Consulting Associates Inc. (a corporation - 1993). In 1998, the operating name Anderson Career Training Institute (ACTI) was adopted to better reflect the company's focus as a formal training Institute.

Throughout this period, our mission at Anderson Career Training Institute has been to help individuals empower themselves to realize their full potential through training, coaching and mentoring.

In particular, since 1996 we have helped over 1300 Albertans to realize their dream of becoming entrepreneurs and have inspired many to take greater control of their lives through our Self Employment training program and our Personal and Professional Development Seminars.

If you’re ready to start your first business, the best thing you can do to maximize your success is attend the government-funded free business training provided by Anderson Career Training Institute (ACTI) in Edmonton.

Whether you’re starting a small home-based business, a retail store, a trades service, or a larger industrial business, ACTI has the experienced entrepreneurs ready to guide you through the process. As the longest running Self Employment training program in Edmonton, the team at ACTI has seen the highs and lows of Alberta’s economic cycles and we know what works! And we’ve proven that we will be around to support your growth for the long term.

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